Source: Sun Sentinel | Author: Rev. Leslie Hague| Published: April 5, 2020

As an Episcopal priest, it should please me to see that Gov. Ron DeSantis has declared that “attending religious services conducted in churches, synagogues and houses of worship” is an essential activity. It is very true that, right now, we need our faith and our faith communities more than ever.

Which is why I am troubled by the thought of anyone attending in-person worship services at churches, synagogues, and houses of worship.

Right now, we need to care deeply for our sisters and brothers in faith — and, indeed, every person regardless of faith — which means that as much as we desire to be together, we should commit to staying away from our physical gatherings and seek a new way of worship.

Next week, Christians enter into the holiest time of the church year, as we mark the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus.

In my own parish, we would gather in worship at least nine times in the week from Palm Sunday to Easter. This year we, along with many other religious communities, will gather not in our beautiful church but instead virtually through live-streamed services. Our souls will be connected in prayer even as we stay home to protect each other’s health.

I have been surprised to find deep grace in the worship we are sharing virtually through pixels and internet connections.

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