Source: WPLG | Author: Hatzel Vela& Andrea Torres | Published: April 1, 2021

The All Saints Episcopal Church in Fort Lauderdale completed a year-long restoration just in time for Easter, a festival commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ as described in the Bible’s New Testament.

Rev. Leslie J. Hague, the church’s rector, said an arsonist attempted to torch the church last year, on Palm Sunday. The coronavirus pandemic had prompted Hague to cancel in-person services.

“For this year, Easter is huge for us because it’s true resurrection,” Hague said.

The arsonist set linens on the altar on fire. The sacrament was desecrated. The most devastating damage was inside the chapel. The arsonist also set fires in the foyer and near the high altar.

“I’ll never forget that smell,” Hague said. “There was a lot of damage from the actual fire.”

Despite an investigation, officers never made an arrest in the case. Hague said it was very painful for her and the community.

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