It has been just over a month since we returned to in-person worship at All Saints. It is a joy to see so many (masked) faces! I am incredibly grateful to Jon Templin and Michael Lee who have done yeoman’s work as we upgrade and fine tune our livestream so that those at home and those in the church may worship meaningfully together.

I have had a few ask about when the current guidelines for in-person worship may change. The bishop and the Diocesan Regathering Team are in the process of reviewing changes from the CDC that would impact our in-person gatherings. At this time, the guidelines remain unchanged and therefore our parish guidelines will also remain in effect.

Thank you to all who have followed those guidelines to keep everyone as safe as possible. I do want to reiterate a few essentials:

  • Physical distancing of 6+ feet must be followed throughout the church property. Ushers will escort you to your seating area to ensure physical distancing between individuals and/or households, maintaining a minimum of 6 feet distance between you and the next household. To ensure safe distancing and best use of space, worshipers will be assigned seating by the ushers. Thank you for your understanding that you will not be able to choose where you sit.


  • It is wonderful that many of our attendees on Sunday have been fully vaccinated. However, we must ask that even vaccinated persons keep 6+ feet of distance from one another at all times. While the CDC has given guidance that in a personal home, vaccinated adults may remove masks and do not have to maintain distancing. The CDC guidelines for public places where more than a few households are in attendance remain the same. This means that even if members of different households are vaccinated, handshakes and hugs are not allowed while you are at church. This is important not only for safety in terms of infection but also gives peace of mind to all who attend the service.


  • For now, even when masked, we are not allowed to sing in church. The Diocesan Regathering team is studying best practices with regards to when masked singing will be allowed. Those worshipping by livestream—sing out loud!


  • Pre-registration continues to be required. By Tuesday morning each week, the links for the upcoming Sunday services will be posted at the top of our webpage,

All of our in-person worship guidelines are available to read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest at

In the peace of the risen Christ,