On Easter Sunday, it was a great joy to worship together at All Saints for the first time in over a year. In order to keep our worshipers safe, since returning to in-person worship we have followed diocesan pandemic guidelines that included registering for services, keeping physical distancing in our seating and movement, wearing masks, and refraining from singing.

We are in the process of a phased ending of many of our pandemic protocols. On Sunday, July 18, the following changes will go in effect:

  • Fully vaccinated people will not be required to wear masks. Those who are not vaccinated are asked to continue masking for their own safety.
  • All pews will be open for seating with no distancing required. We will keep a portion of pews sectioned off for those who wish to continue to physically distance from others.
  • The center aisle will be open for entering and exiting, and normal traffic flow will be reinstated.
  • The Narthex restrooms will be open for use.
  • A physical offering will be collected. (Though you are very welcome to continue donating online if you like.)

In-person coffee hour in will resume on July 18 after both services.

  • Coffee Hour will be served in Neaverson Chapel. Due to space constraints, distancing will not be observed in Neaverson Chapel. Those who would like to visit in a distanced setting are welcome to enjoy fellowship in Becky‚Äôs Garden.
  • Drinks will be single use bottles and cans distributed by a vaccinated, masked volunteer. No coffee or iced tea in cups will be served for the time being.
  • Food will be pre-packaged in single serve packages and distributed by vaccinated, masked volunteers.
  • A free will offering will be taken for the food and drinks at Coffee Hour.
  • Parishioners are welcome to donate food and drink, but all items must be single serving, factory prepackaged items (e.g. snack sized bags of chips, crackers, or cookies). We will not be accepting homemade items at this time. We will continue to evaluate this policy in the coming months.

The following restrictions will remain in place

  • There is to be no physical passing of the peace (hugging, handshaking) between households. (Diocesan Requirement)
  • Communion will be in one kind only. (Diocesan Requirement)
  • The clergy will be masked as they distribute communion.
  • Communion will be distributed at stations in front of the communion rail.

Our livestream services will continue, but now is the time to return to in-person worship, especially if you are fully vaccinated.