Monday in the Third Week of Lent
March 13, 2023

Today’s online Lenten reflection focuses on the life and witness of Saint Brigit (also known as Brigid or Bride). Her compassion for others and spiritual wisdom embodies the Celtic tradition of “soul friendship.” Her concern for those in need and the generosity of her listening heart remind us that God is very near when we are in the company of a “soul friend”. She founded the great religious center for men and women at Kildare, which became Ireland’s most influential double monastery. She has been described as Ireland’s greatest woman and its “midwife of the faith.” According to The Book of Lismore, a 15th century medieval text, “Everything that Brigid would ask of the Lord was granted her at once. For this was her desire: to satisfy the poor, to expel every hardship, to spare every miserable person. Now there never hath been anyone more bashful or more modest or more gentle or more humble or more discerning or more harmonious than Brigid. … She was abstemious, she was innocent, she was prayerful, she was patient: she was glad in God’s commandments: she was firm, she was humble, she was forgiving, she was loving: she was a consecrated vessel for keeping Christ’s body and His blood; she was a temple of God. Her heart and her mind were a throne of rest for the Holy Ghost. She was singlehearted. She was compassionate towards the wretched. She was splendid in miracles and marvels: wherefore her name among created things is Dove among birds, Vine among trees, Sun among stars.” According to the Bethu Bridgte, an early life of Saint Brigit in Old Irish, Brigit was “accidentally” consecrated a bishop, and a column of fire miraculously arose from her head as the bishop prayed over her.


Almighty Lord of life,
Who wills your children to seek your kingdom
As their chief measure and joy,
As we thank you for the rich fruit
Of Brigit’s generous life,
We pray that you will enlarge our hearts,
And increase our fruitfulness to your glory.