Tuesday in the Fifth Week of Lent
March 28, 2023

The online Lenten reflection for today takes the form of a prayer from Scotland that invokes God’s assistance in daily activities, so that the simple human activities of speaking and “passing through” the day will be carried out with an awareness of God’s presence, will and guidance. The language here is tender and familiar; the petitioner envisions God as an intimate friend and companion. Of particular note is the phrase, “Each day may I be fuller in love to Thyself”: the petitioner views his or her relationship with God as a loving relationship that must grow over time, day by day. The theme of being in love with God continues in the second stanza: “Lighten my understanding, kindle my will, begin my doing / Incite my love, strengthen my weakness, enfold my desire.” This Lent, may our desire be for a closer relationship with God, and may God’s presence enfold us and dwell with us, now and always.

“Gently and generously”

Pray I this day my prayer to Thee, O God,
Speak I this day as speaks the voice of Thy mouth,
Keep I this day as keep the people of heaven,
Spend I this day as spend the ones of Thine own household.
Go I this day according to Thy laws,
Pass I this day as pass the saints in heaven.
Thou loving Christ Who wast lifted on the tree,
Each day and night I remember Thy covenant;
In my lying down and rising up I yield me to Thy cross,
In my life and my death Thou art my health and my peace.

Each day may I remember the sources of the mercies
Thou hast bestowed on me gently and generously;
Each day may I be fuller in love to Thyself.
Holy God, Loving Father, of the Word everlasting,
Grant me to have of Thee this living prayer:
Lighten my understanding, kindle my will, begin my doing,
Incite my love, strengthen my weakness, enfold my desire.
Cleanse my heart, make holy my soul, confirm my faith,
Keep safe my mind and compass my body;
As I utter my prayer from my mouth,
In mine own heart may I feel Thy presence.