Wednesday in the Fourth Week of Lent
March 22, 2023

Today’s Lenten reflection focuses on Saint Piran, a monk of Cornwall and the patron saint of Cornish tin miners. It is said that Piran left his home in Ireland in order to share his faith in north Cornwall. A number of his stopping places are still named after him; he established a hermitage at Perranporth and at Perranzabuloe. Although little is known about Piran, his life has inspired many working people throughout the centuries in the West Country of Britain, as well as in Brittany. The Cornish tin miners made him their patron, and the Cornish flag is known as St. Piran’s Cross, which symbolizes the power of light overcoming the darkness of evil.


Gracious Father,
With love in his heart and with great courage
Piran left his home and brought the light of Christ
To those in the darkness of another land,
Thus ennobling its life and work.
Help us to respect and honor all those who travel for the Gospel,
And bless the work of our hands.