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Parking at All Saints During Brion Park Renovations

Parking Blues


The Good News: The work to stabilize and increase the height of the seawall is complete.


The temporary less-than-good-but still progress news: Once the seawall work was completed, the soil in Brion Park was re-graded and is being planted with new grass. Unfortunately, until the grass has been established, we may not park there.


What to Do: We are asking the congregation to be creative in how you get to church for the next two months. If you must drive, please do; there will still be parking in the main church lot and on the street. But if you do not need to drive or you can get to church some other way, please do so (you could consider this as part of your stewardship). Some options:

  • Uber or Lyft: you may order your own car, or share a car with others in your neighborhood;
  • Broward County transit or the Sun Trolley
  • Carpool with others
  • Walk to church
  • Bike or otherwise use your own locomotion
  • Use a local public garage or lot to park your car

We are also working with local churches, synagogues and others to try and secure additional parking, especially for concerts and other events. Please be patient with us as the grass begins to grow.


If you are able, please consider parking options near the church. These spaces available to the public are highlighted in red on the map below.


You can pay for parking in Fort Lauderdale with a credit card at a parking kiosk near where you park OR, you can use the mobile app called Pay By Phone which is available for IOS Apple App Store or via Google Play for Android devices.


This is a very easy app to use and you can find more information at

parking with edsa highlighted


Public Parking Facilities Near All Saints (approx. # spaces):

A: Riva Building Inside Garage / entrance on Tarpon Drive (100)

B: Venice Lot behind Sushi Shack (28)

C: Pelican Lot behind Oxxo Cleaners (24)


4th Street lots between 8th & 11th Ave:

D: Nautical Lot - Public (40)

E: Shop at Los Olas (60)

F: Shops at Los Olas (75)

G: Shops at Los Olas (30)


SE 2nd Court Lots:

H: Public (100)

I: Public (100)



J: EDSA Parking Lot – Free on Sundays & Christmas evening services


Metered parking is available on most downtown streets.  Some streets around All Saints and 1st Presbyterian allow free parking on Sunday.  Be cautioned that parking on most streets in the Collee Hammock neighborhood is by permit only.  Please read signage carefully.


NOTE: All lots except E, F & G are public lots and charge by the hour.  You can use the Pay-By-Phone app on your smartphone to pay for parking or pay at the meter.

Lots E, F & G are owned by the Shops at Los Olas and charge a flat fee of $3.00.  Attendants are on duty; you cannot use the app to park in these lots.


Sunday 8:00 a.m. - Holy Eucharist
Sunday 10:15 a.m. - Sunday School
Sunday 10:30 a.m. - Choral Holy Eucharist

Wednesday 12:05 p.m. - Holy Eucharist
                                             w/ Healing Service

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