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As you and I journey with God and towards God, an openness of mind and in heart is part of our spiritual growth. All Saints is good at providing opportunities for continued thinking and learning. We are a bit unusual in the Episcopal Church that we have two ongoing EFM groups. Education for Ministry over time has blessed us with many who have continued to learn about not only the history of the church and theology but has built a number of groups who share their lives and followers of Jesus.


On a regular basis, a Sunday class for inquirers about our church and how to become a part of it are held. Additionally, after Pentecost I hope to begin a series on the Gospel of Luke. During the season after Pentecost we will read and hear most of St. Luke on Sundays.


The Episcopal Church is well known as a place “where you do not have to leave  your mind at the door”.

Over the 25 years or so of my priesthood I have also continued with continuing education workshops and retreats. The church expects me to do so and we budget for that support of my own professional and spiritual growth.  Starting on Monday, May 2, I will be attending the church’s CREDO program. It will last a week and is a retreat that looks at all aspects of clergy life, from spirituality and worship to health and financials. The program is underwritten  by Episcopal Church Insurance.


Following that beginning on May 12, I will begin a two week vacation. On the last days of my vacation I will be part of my granddaughter Bridget’s graduation from middle school. In the fall she will begin attending  Episcopal High School there in Houston. Recently, I was able to be part of her confirmation at St. Martin’s Church in Houston and caught up with an old friend, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, George Carey and his wife Eileen.


I hope that you will keep me in your prayers during this time of study and time off. And I hope that you will keep your minds and hearts open to the new. I am convinced that the Holy Spirit is present with us at All Saints and will continue to lead us all into the future to which we are called.





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