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                There are many different kinds of questions. Simple questions – “What time is it? How do I get to All Saints?”  There are hypothetical questions – “What if…..?” There are difficult questions, “Why is the sky blue? Why is there air? Is what you preach about God really true?” “What is THIS about?”

                 But for Episcopalians there are no dumb questions. Because we are all on that journey with Christ. And our minds as well as our hearts and souls are given to us by God. We should never shut down, close our minds and hearts to the voice of the Spirit.

                  Late in his life John the Baptizer (Baptist) sent his disciples to ask Jesus, “Are you the One, or should we wait for someone else?” Even John, who baptized our Lord, had moments of doubt. Jesus’ response to John’s disciples was that it was OK to ask.

                  On a recent morning I heard about the death of a old friend. With the lessons for that morning I was able to say that I believe that it is more than OK to look up to our loving God and say, “Come on Lord, what is THIS ABOUT?! - because I hurt.”

                   There is a prayer in the Burial Service of the Book of Common Prayer that essentially says that, “Help us, we pray, in the midst of things we cannot understand…”

                   As we Episcopalians journey with God in Christ towards our God. And as an Episcopalian – at least for most of my life – I have known that – since God knows our minds and hearts even better than we do – it is OK to express our doubts, our questions.                      

                   Some days our journey, as a matter of fact our quest, may make us feel a bit like the Man of La Mancha – somehow heroically searching out for something that others would find foolish. And the journey isn’t over yet.

                    I keep learning with the hope that what Rowan Greer, a teacher of mine at Yale said, “There is no way you can learn all you need in three years of seminary, what I hope to teach you is to keep learning after you leave here.”

                    Keep on talking honestly to God. And make sure you spend some time listening as well. Be open to the Spirit.








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