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Ordinary Time? No, Extraordinary Time!
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              The Season after Pentecost Sunday that lasts from about the 1st of June until the end of November is also known as Ordinary Time. I mention this because having a thought about our relationship with God in so-called ordinary time - nothing special going on - means that this week I realized what I wanted to share with you. Then I realized that our time together has not been ordinary at all.

              We are busy in the office. This is a wonderful time because so many of you drop in and offer help, conversation and ideas. And I am in the midst of packing. As I look around and try to spend some time in church each day, I am reminded just Who all this belongs to - and how we are to be mindful stewards of our beloved All Saints. All of this, folding chairs and tables, computers, refrigerators, books, pews and all - belong to God. An old friend and mentor once said, “Always remember “ministry” is in the middle of  “administration.”

              My wife Rebecca - who has never met a morning she liked - says that most weekdays she remembers, while still in bed, to say over and over again, “This is the day the Lord has made.” This helps get her up and out.

              We refer to Sunday as the “Lord’s Day.” Actually every day is the Lord’s Day - for us to know that in the most ordinary time - even weekdays - God is with us in all we do. Every day is truly “Extraordinary” time.

              In the beginning of the Easter Vigil - the night before Easter, we hear the words, “The Light of Christ.” That light is with us and will, I know, brighten every single day. And God’s loving presence will continue to be here and bless this ministry and our lives.

               In our Book of Common Prayer, Morning and Evening Prayers come first. It is a reminder from the folks who put the Book together that we can be reminded each day that we do live out our everyday lives in the Light of Christ, in the presence of our loving God. 

               So, if you will, “Hold the thought.”  And be glad.





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