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          As I thought about what to write to you, faith, hope and charity came to mind. The wonderful old, traditional, Anglican/Episcopal three.


          We go to church for lots of reasons. Habit. It is what we were brought up to do on Sunday mornings, and because our parents and even our grandparents did the same. We go out of a sense of duty, because we love the language of the service, we love the music and we believe that it is somehow good for us. Somewhere beneath all that, it seems to me that we go to find shelter from the storms of the world. 

          For all the beauty of the earth, we face storms. All of us, I expect, have lived through our storms and that we will live through storms to come. So we go in faith, faith that to worship, to prayer to receive the bread and wine – even when we don’t have a completely clear idea of why we are doing it, or why it is important, - is to come just a bit closer to the divine mystery, to a holiness that words can’t explain. For me it is a feeling like that of a child reaching for a hand in the darkness.


          We reach out because our faith isn’t consistently strong. As Episcopalians we are, each of us, on that journey toward and with God, and we need God’s help. So we come in hope, hope that God is truly God, in hope that God will mend us, and even breathe new life into our faith. 


          And finally, I think, we go for love. This morning after you return to your seat after receiving communion, look at the faces of others who are returning to theirs. Some will be friends or family, people we know so well. Others will be less familiar. Watch them return, friends and strangers alike, see them as human beings, children of God, bound to the same journey that each of us is on, full of the same hopes and fears as we are. Reach out to them with a smile, with your prayers – with the faith, hope and love that we reach out to those most precious to us, the people we have known the longest and loved best. Out of this effort, I truly believe that, we will find a deeper faith, and a sense of peace that God wills for us.



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