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When it comes to this time in the life of a parish, I think about the circus and the trapeze artists. The action really happens between the trapeze bars and you can’t have action until you let go of the first bar. So as we let go of the old and reach for the new, I find this is when transition ministry is amazing, can be filled with joy and is such an exciting time, rich with opportunity.


In addition to the usual resume information about me, I thought you might like to know some less formal stuff.


First, I love being in church.


Second, I am very much a via media Episcopalian. I have been blessed to serve with priests who have been very, very, “High Church,” very, very “Low Church,” and all points in between. I have learned from them all.

I love children — our own five children, our five grandchildren — and everybody else’s as well. I know deep in my heart how important the church (that is, you and me) is to those younger, smaller Christians who are just as important in our Lord’s eyes as they are in ours.


Dogs are important to me as well. Someone said, “God gave us dogs so we might know what absolute love is like.” I believe that. You will see my pal, golden retriever, Wyatt with me most of the time.

I am a jazz fan, so it was just fine when I served in a parish only four miles from the Count Basie Theatre. I also like some country music and have a moderate collection of classical music. I play the drums, if not well, at least with gusto!


I think you will discover quickly that I like to laugh. For me, part of the joy of being a child of God is laughter.


Our time together will have its serious moments, and probably some painful ones because this will be a time of change. My title may include the word “interim.” I much prefer the word “transition.” Interim says to me, “Let’s just sit around and wait for something to happen.” But transition says, “. . .action, growing, learning and understanding of self, parish, and mission — a real opportunity to discover what God has in mind for All Saints.”


I am looking forward to our time together. This will be the first time I write the following, but you should expect to hear these words over and over again — “We are all in this together.” I know that God will bless us in all that we do.



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