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           This past week the clergy of our diocese met for three days at the Duncan Center to work together with our Bishop Peter for the future of our life together here in the Diocese of Southeast Florida.

Not only did I get to meet a number of clergy I had not met before but the exchanges in the exercises we shared gave me great hope for us and for our Diocese.

Bishop Eaton did not lead the workshops but participated as one of us. The exercises were led by a consultant who did an excellent job of posing questions for us to answer.

As I came away from the gathering I realized that much that was shared reflected many private conversations where concerns about the Bishop’s office and staff have been expressed. The feeling I came away with was that now someone was listening to all of us and that the authority is now there to make changes – some of which are long overdue.

The exercises allowed us to speak the truth as we see it in a safe place.

A final sense was that the ministry in the diocese is strong and happening in many parishes in spite of or without diocesan participation.

So, I find that this time we clergy and our Bishop spent together was full of hope, new friendships, a level of collegiality and time to worship together that will lead us all to a new place.

For that I am most thankful.




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