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Farewell from Father Hugh
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           We have served God together for the last 20 months. Where has the time gone?  Can we count the blessings we have shared over this time?

           I was somewhat helped by the fact and belief I have that in Christ all is always new. But as I write this I realize that I am already feeling the sadness that has become deeper as our time shortens. I will miss you.

           I know that you will be as welcoming, caring and loving to your new Priest as you have been to me. The All Saints family will always be a wonderful model of hospitality for me. We have shared our lives, our fears, our concerns. We have worshipped together.

           I was in God’s hands when I came here to get to know you, to counsel, to pastor, to serve you and to serve  God, to share  meals in your homes and at God’s  table, and in that, to laugh a lot. I know that I will be in God’s hands in the next weeks as I leave you as you will be.

            Wyatt our golden, Marcus the terrier corgi mix, Furball the cat, Rebecca and I, we pray, will continue in God’s service wherever we will be.

            A friend once said, in response to my comments about change, “Just keep on doing what you have been doing.”  She is right.  So, “Keep on being who you are.”

            So I say that to you, “Keep on being All Saints.”  Welcome and serve with your new priest.  Give her the benefit of the doubt, if needed.  Give her the chance to be part of the journey just as you have me.

             God bless you all. I love you all.


In Christ’s name,




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