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What are Foyer Groups?

Foyer groups are intended for parishioners to get to know one another a little more deeply than a quick chat at coffee hour or working together on a committee. Foyer groups are groups of 6-8 parishioners who agree to meet every 4-6 weeks until everyone (or every household) has had the opportunity to host once, meeting 4-5 times (or more, if the group so chooses) beginning in January. Groups are not intended for people to show off their culinary skills nor their homes, but rather to gather for a meal or dessert or brunch or appetizers or an event. If the group chooses to meet for a meal, different parts might be prepared by different members; the group may meet indoors or outdoors, in a home or a park or a party space in a complex; if the group chooses to meet for an event, they might go to a play or a festival or a sports event and then perhaps meet afterwards to discuss what happened over desserts and coffee. Wine and spirits may be served, so long as non-alcoholic beverages are also offered in an equally attractive manner. In any case, the important thing is to have fun and to get to know one another. Confidentiality is expected, and so what happens within the group stays within the group, unless one asks the permission of the other to share a story.

How do I sign up?

Click on the Register button below.  Each person must sign up individually; couples do not have to both commit to being in a group. If you have any issues registering you may call the office to register 954-467-6496 (All Saints Office).

When will the Foyer Dinners begin?

Once the sign up period has ended, you will be notified (via email or phone) of your group by mid-January. Within your group you will organize your first Foyer meeting to be held sometime in the remainder of January. Then your group will plan 1 or 2 additional meetings during February/March/April. Groups should complete their first round of meetings by the end of April (you may decide to continue to meet after the first round!).

We are no longer accepting registrations online for this event.


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