Do you want to deepen your Christian faith, learn how to articulate that faith, and perhaps let that faith inspire you into action?

Operating under the auspices of The University of the South (Sewanee), EfM enables each of us to discover and exercise our own God-given gifts for ministry in everyday life.  Through study, prayer and theological reflection EfM provides a framework for us to examine and deepen our Christian faith.  It is not preparation for the priesthood.

Sometimes we see no alternative to a version of Christian faith that we now find difficult to accept. We have been told that rejecting anything we have been taught means ceasing to be a Christian.  What we have been told is wrong.   On your own, it may be difficult to imagine any form of faith different from what you have been taught.  EfM can help. It can be a guide for those who see the need to let go of some of what they have been taught, but don’t know how to replace it with something better.  Questioning some aspects of our Faith leading to greater understanding is encouraged and being able to do that in a non-judgmental  and supportive environment is very rewarding.  In addition, many friendships made in an EfM seminar remain in place long afterward.

An EfM seminar with six to twelve members and a trained mentor meets weekly for three hours over the course of a nine-month academic year.   The All Saints group meets on Monday evenings from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM.  A new class will begin on January 9th, 2023The seminar will meet in person at the Parish House on the All Saints campus.  While the full curriculum takes four years to complete, participants are asked only to commit to one year at a time.  Year One focuses on the Old Testament, Year Two on the New Testament, Year Three on the history of Christianity and Year Four on theology.  Upon completion participants will receive a diploma from The University of the South.  There is a tuition fee and some financial aid may be available.

If you are interested in learning more about EfM please speak to Frank Asterita either in person on most Sundays or by phone or email. You can reach Frank at 516-225-6344 or  You may also visit the Sewanee EfM website at for more information.