Worship service at All Saints Episcopal Church Fort Lauderdale

Prayer List

(If you would like to add someone to our prayer list, click HERE to send an email to the office or call us at 954-467-6496).  Prayers will be listed for 30 days unless requested to be continued beyond that.

John M.Kidney problems8/11/2020
Family & Friends of Donny JohnstonBereavement8/11/2020
Family & Friends of Frank MillerBereavement8/9/2020
Inese A.Hospice8/9/2020
BettyRecurring Cancer8/2/2020
Family & Friends of Danny JeannotBereavement7/31/2020
Harley (newborn)Incubator/Auto-immune issues7/27/2020
Jeremiah J.Covid-197/25/2020
JudithCovid-19; ventilator7/22/2020
Michael M.Kidney failure and liver problems7/20/2020
Brian G.MDS7/13/2020
Family & friends of Dawn FrankelBereavement7/10/2020
Family & Friends of Joyce BenedictBereavement7/21/2020
Brenda G.Recovering from Serious Illness7/8/2020
Monica M.Cervical Cancer7/6/2020
Dave R.Cancer7/6/2020
Sagen D.Heart Condition6/19/2020
Kathleen M.ICU / Multiple strokes6/18/2020
Joseph M.Heart problems & COPD6/10/2020
Barbara P.Recovering from Stroke3/27/2020
Eric A.Hospice/Cancer3/4/2020
Katie C.Lung disease1/27/2020
Mckenzi B. (16 yrs. old)Lymphoma12/15/2019
Jamie A.Reoccurring cancer12/5/2019
Callie (3 yr. old)Cancer7/31/2019
Katie M.Incurable Brain Disease1/11/2019
Families dealing with AlzheimersThose with the disease and their caretakers10/19/2016
Jeanne M.Homebound Parishioner2/07/2020
Patsy S.Homebound Parishioner5/2/2019
Winnie O.Homebound Parishioner8/16/2019
Mary M.Homebound Parishioner4/20/2016
Michael K.Homebound Parishioner9/28/2018



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Sunday Mornings @ 10:00 AM  -  The Holy Eucharist
Wednesday @ 12:05 PM - Healing Eucharist
Thursday @ 6:30 PM - Vespers (Evening Prayer)
Every night (except Thursday) @ 8:30 PM - Compline (Prayers at the End of Day)