Worship service at All Saints Episcopal Church Fort Lauderdale

Prayer List

(If you would like to add someone to our prayer list, click HERE to send an email to the office or call us at 954-467-6496).  Prayers will be listed for 30 days unless requested to be continued beyond that.

Please pray for those in need:

Family & Friends of Cliff Rehm, Sr. Bereavement 10/7/2019
Family and Friends of Bill Newton Bereavement 10/7/2019
Family & friends of Scott Meynig Bereavement 10/4/2019
Family & friends of Alphonse Patenaude Bereavement 9/25/2019
Family & Friends of Charles A. Krblich Bereavement 9/26/2019
CJ F, Illness 10/11/2019
Janet M. Medical tests/illness 10/11/2019
Tom General Health 10/8/2019
Bishop Chip Stokes Heart attack 10/2/2019
Eric S. Cardiac ablation 9/25/2019
Will P. ICU/Surgeries 9/23/2019
Frank A. Illness/Tests 9/23/2019
Tony C. Serious Illness 9/11/2019
William E. Hospice 9/10/2019
Tony C. Surgery / Cancer 9/10/2019
Callie (2 yr. old) Cancer 7/31/2019
Cindy P. Cancer 6/24/2019
Scott B. Illness 2/14/2019
Katie M. Incurable Brain Disease 1/11/2019
Jaime A. Cancer 3/21/2018
Michael M. Heart Issues 3/21/2018
Families dealing with Alzheimers Those with the disease and their caretakers 10/19/2016
Virginia Y. Homebound Parishioner 10/2/2019
Patsy S. Homebound Parishioner 5/2/2019
Winnie O. Homebound Parishioner 8/16/2019
Mary M. Homebound Parishioner 4/20/2016
Michael K. Homebound Parishioner 9/28/2018
Frank M. Homebound Parishioner 2/12/2019




16oct8:00 amAA Meeting

16oct12:05 pmHealing Eucharist

16oct5:00 pmBeds Around the Altar

16oct7:00 pm8:00 pmFTL GMC Rehearsal

17oct8:00 amAA Meeting

Worship Times

Sunday Service

8:00am - Holy Eucharist

10:30am - Choral Holy Eucharist

Wednesday Service

12:05pm - Holy Eucharist w/ Healing Service

Thursday Service

6:30pm - Vespers (Evening Prayer)