Prayer List

(If you would like to add someone to our prayer list, click HERE to send an email to the office or call us at 954-467-6496).  Prayers will be listed for 30 days unless requested to be continued beyond that.

Larry W.Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer5/22/2024Wallenstein
Robert R. and Maria Y (wife and caregiver)Parkinsons5/21/2024Friends of Gary Arnold
Elias L.Long Covid5/13/2024Leslie's nephew
Janet R.Fractured back; in rehab5/13/2024Janet Russell
The family and friends of Maria GarciaBereavement5/7/2024She was the mother of Gregg's younger brother’s wife. She passed away after a long battle with Parkinson’s. May She Rest in Peace and Rise in Glory.
Rich M.Heart Issues5-6-2024
Cynthia F.Covid-195-6-2024
Tom S.In Rehab from illness4/30/24Tom Shephard (retired Epis priest)
Jeanann T.Recovering from surgery4/30/2024
Chuck R.Sight issues; diabetes04-29-2024Garry Hartsock's brother-in-law
Barbara L.Breast Cancer04-29-2024Garry Hartsock's Sister
Pam H.Lupus4/29/2024Bob's sister
Mark S.Recovering from shoulder surgery4/24/2024
Carol N.Sciatica4/23/2024
Dawn S.Beginning Chemo for breast cancer4/22/2024Friend of Carl's cousin Alyson
Dan B.Recovering from back surgery4/10/24
Gloria K. Cancer recovery and Chemo4/4/2024by Kirsten D Messina
Senta E.Breast Cancer and Recovery4/4/2024by Kirsten D Messina
Bob A.Neurological issues2/29/202499 Bob Adams ... do not remove
Liz W.Sciatica2/26/2024
Marsha R. and praying for her whole familyIn intensive therapy after an emergency surgery for a brain bleed1/19/2024Suzannah, Marsha's daughter, is one of Leslie's best friends.
Glenn D.Hospitalized; serious condition1/16/24
Mindy O.Breast Cancer12/18/2023Mark Olson's daughter-in-law
Richard F.Undergoing chemo and radiation treatment for cancer12/6/2023
Michael Z.Complications related to prostate cancer6/14/2023
Elaine H.In hospice4/28/2023
Berry B. Moved to a memory care unit4/7/2023
Conrad A.Chronic Lung Disease1/25/2023
Cathy C.Lymphedema9/14/2022
DebStage 4 cancer2/10/2022
Colin L.Still awaiting a liver transplant4/27/2021
Barbara P.Recovering from a Stroke and dealing with current hearing loss3/27/2020
Katie C.Lung disease1/27/2020
Katie M.Long term Brain Disease and heart problem1/11/2020
The people of Ukraine, especially the family of Nadia Cwiach, and all those who care for refugeesWar3/6/2022
For the departed and those affected by the Hamas-Israel confllict10/17/2023
Families dealing with AlzheimersThose with the disease and their caretakers1/1/2020
Winnie O.Homebound Parishioner8/16/2019
Al N.Homebound Parishioner5/31/2019
Patsy S.Homebound Parishioner5/2/2019
Michael K.Homebound Parishioner9/28/2018



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