[Updated 1-25-2024]

Did you know that even given our substantial endowment funds, the largest percentage of our operating income each year is your pledge and plate donations?

At their meeting this coming Tuesday, January 30, the Vestry will be discussing and adopting the 2024 budget for All Saints Episcopal Church. While on the surface it may appear that some of it is unrelated to ministry—e.g. insurance, utilities, office expenses. However, everything in the budget is part of our Rooted in Abundance ministry. A few examples:  

  • The electric bill is necessary for light, sound, and HVAC sytems, all essential to our congregation on Sunday morning, when we learn together, pray together, and are nourished in the sacraments. All this is done so that we might go back into the world as a people further aware of the holiness all around us so that we may live out the Gospel in word and in deed as we go about our everyday lives. That electric bill also allows us to open our doors for six 12 step meetings each week, make sandwiches for our Peanut Butter & Jamboree outreach, and be open for other community events and concerts.

  • Communications expenses allows us to spread important information within the parish community, such as within this very announcement. It also allows us to have an online presence through our website and social media for those who may be looking for a church—evangelism!—and get the word out for exciting events like Boat Parade Festival. It is our communications team that does media relations. Because of their expertise in approaching outlets, we have had featured stories on local TV news about our Drive In Communion (including a live afternoon interview with Mother Leslie) and Laundry Love; a big feature article about Laundry Love in the Sun Sentinel; and a number of op-eds published. This budget linen item helps spread the word of our ministries!

  • “Accounting Service” sounds administrative only, but it is also an important part of Stewardship. Through this line item, we pay for accountants who make weekly and monthly accounting; ensure that income and expenses are correctly identified within our many funds; and perform a yearly audit of the parish finances. This is ministry allowing us to be transparent with you and the diocese to ensure we are using our gifts wisely and appropriately. 

We often only think of ministry being music or outreach or other “churchy” programs. However, all the items in the budget are there to directly or indirectly enable us to live into our full baptismal covenant as individuals and as a parish.

Thank you to those who made a Rooted in Abundance pledge for 2024. If you have not yet made a pledge, there is still time! Please return your Rooted in Abundance card or let the office know the gift you intend for 2024. We have pledge cards in the Narthex or

Click here to download a pledge card.

As shown in the table below, we currently have 117 pledges totaling $368,254 compared to our hoped-for total of $440,000 (10% more than 2023 planned pledges). Our physical facilities are partially supported through targeted endowment funds, but we rely on parishioner gifts for staff and program expenses