What is the Legacy Society?

The Legacy Society of All Saints Episcopal Church  is a stewardship program designed to celebrate the lives of parishioners who have faithfully remembered our church in their estate planning.  By naming All Saints Episcopal Church to receive a portion of your estate you automatically become a member of the Legacy Society.

Making a gift to the Permanent Endowment of All Saints Episcopal Church is also a form of stewardship that will help insure a continuous stream of financial support to All Saints.  A gift to the Permanent Endowment will help insure future generations will have the financial resources to carry out God’s work.

As of 2017,  almost 20 percent of the operating budget of the parish flows from the Permanent Endowment.  The Vestry receives 5% of the total return of the corpus of the Endowment and is empowered to direct the money as it deems appropriate.  In other words, an end of life bequest or gift to the Permanent Endowment becomes part of the financial pledge to All Saints Episcopal Church year after year after year.  Just as the physical building of more than 60 years ago continues to serve today’s congregation, an estate gift to the Permanent Endowment will continue to contribute to the congregation 60 years from now.  In fact, it will continue for as long as the church offers ministry to the community and state of Florida.

Legacy is visible in our physical plant and it is visible in our annual budget.  Your gift will continue to be a viable part of this church family for generations to come.

In order to become a member of the All Saints Legacy Society, you should simply notify the church office or the Permanent Endowment Committee and indicate that the church is a beneficiary in your will.  No other additional information  is necessary about your intended gift.   You automatically become a member of the Legacy Society and will receive your badge or pin to be placed on your name tag to identify yourself  to other members of  the congregation..

If you need guidance or help in selecting professionals to assist with your estate planning,  you  may  direct your questions to a member of the Permanent Endowment Committee.